High school student helps create disinfecting device during pandemic

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Signal Hill, CA (KABC)-Rod Oscovian is a Ship and Shore Environmental intern at Signal Hill and a senior at Sage High School in Newport Beach.

“I liked Lego when I was a kid, so I think that’s one of the motivations for actually starting engineering,” said Rod Oscovian.

Ship and Shore Environmental is a company focused on removing pollution from the US and global environment.

“Comparing the air in the LA basin 15 or 20 years ago with the air today, there is a beautiful and beautiful blue sky. I was flying to LAX at the time, but I couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me.” Told. The CEO of Ship and Shore Environmental Anouche Oscoian, who is also the mother of Rod Oscovian, said.

Ship and Shore Environmental works with leading companies to manufacture products such as skylights and sunglasses.

They try to minimize the pollution coming from those factories, so no harmful chemicals are released into our air.

The company also offers internships in partnership with high schools and universities.

Rod Oscoian helped invent the sterile mist device when he was an intern at the company.

“This is tentatively called the Corozon Mist Sterilizer, which eliminates microbes or microbes in terms of all kinds of organisms in the air or on the surface,” said Rod Oscovian.

This device uses ozone-injected water to kill the virus that remains in the space.

Rod Oskouian worked closely with John Von Bargen, Vice President of Engineering at Ship and Shore Environmental. He had a vision for this device for over a decade.

Rod Oscoian said such devices are particularly relevant during a pandemic, as they may help secure future public social gatherings.

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High school student helps create disinfecting device during pandemic Source link High school student helps create disinfecting device during pandemic


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