Kim Petras Doesn’t Care if You Think She Looks Crazy

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Aside from the ongoing pandemic, Kim Petras has been spending quite a few years. NS 29 year old singer Since her debut in 2017, she has had enthusiastic fans thanks to her high-energy bops, but it has been a hidden gem for knowledgeable pop fans and the LGBTQ + community.But now, after the advent of two well-discussed red carpets this year VMA When MET Gala, The rest of the world is finally starting to catch up.

Her outfit isn’t the only thing that speaks to people. Petrus’ latest single, the dance-like “Future Starts Now,” and the accompanying video are already fans’ favorites after a stop in early October. “‘Future Starts Now’ was like the first song.’This is an album. This is the direction I want to go acoustically,” says Petrus. Glamour.. “The Airbnb we moved to had an old painting of the Eiffel Tower. I was watching this anime called” The Sinking of Japan “about the end of the world and how to adapt to it. That is the type of lockdown. I felt like. It felt like adapting to a new life, overcoming anxiety and fear, rolling with it, and making the most of it. So I’m like putting those two together. “

“I saw the Eiffel Tower sink and climbed it throughout the album,” she continues. “It was the most spectacular image and I wrote the whole album in my head, so I did it for the video. I really fought in a good way to make it happen. Really, really. I’m proud. As a performer, using the camera to dance and choreograph is a big step in what I’ve always wanted to do .. It’s like I’m on top of my game This is the first video I feel, do you know? I feel this is my most proud moment because I had a vision and fought for it. “

Hot new videos, we caught up with Petrus and chatted with her beauty essentials, her current favorite music, and the women who inspire her. Glamors Big question about cosmetology..

Glamour: What is one beauty rule you swear?

Kim Petras: Oh, I swear high and low, as in all cases. Whether it’s a drugstore or an organic store, I think there are great cheap products. I do my research to find out what products are good. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good for your skin or it works. I think so at all. I have something I like from goodwill, and I have something I like from Prada. Everyone is unique. Your skin is unique, and you just need to find a product that works for you. I would always say that some of the worst stylings Karl Lagerfeld has ever seen come from some of the wealthiest people he has ever met. So high and low, try everything and stick to what works for you.

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